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WorldCell and MedScope Join Forces to Untether Medical Alert Systems

Emergency Response goes mobile: MedScope and WorldCell join forces to untether medical alert systems.

Background on M2M in the Home

The same wireless technologies employed to automate systems outside of the home, smart meters, vehicle tracking, remote monitoring (security cameras and devices) are increasingly moving inside the home.

Remote monitoring comprises a large portion of M2M in the home with devices that can track trends in utility use or alert homeowners of dangerous situations, like burst pipes and gas leaks. The security sector is also very much present in the home, with wireless devices that text homeowners on their mobile phones with information about possible intrusions.

The wireless health industry is perhaps making the most powerful impact in the home—with mobile health (mHealth) devices that help people manage and monitor chronic disease, communicate with emergency responders, and relay important information to their doctors. Pacemakers, glucose monitors, handheld tablets—all of these devices transmit vital information over a wireless network to make healthcare more convenient, affordable, and efficient.

Mobile communication is becoming ever more present in the daily lives of Americans. Studies show that over one third of Americans have a smartphone and that the average American household has four connected devices. The adoption of mobile technology is not only making our homes smarter and more efficient, but it’s also leading to the gradual abandonment of the landline. The move away from the landline poses challenges for providors of in-home technologies that have traditionally used the landline to connect. As a provider of emergency response devices with over a decade of experience, MedScope recognized this challenge.

MedScope realized that as their customers utilized new technologies, MedScope, too, needed to rethink its solution. With a stable user base of 5,000 users, MedScope was receiving many inquiries about a cellular option. As a result, they introduced a new medical alert system that communicated with MedScope’s Response Center via wireless signal.

MedScope launched their new product with SIMs and service from one of the "Big 4," the large national wireless carriers that dominate the US market. However, they were not satisfied with the service. The rates were high and, more importantly, the rate plans did not match the specific needs of MedScope’s product. MedScope’s emergency response system requires a small amount of voice and SMS each month, and the carrier could not offer the flexibility that MedScope required.

Looking for an affordable and customized solution, MedScope approached WorldCell. As a wireless service provider focused on M2M enablement, WorldCell was able to quickly devise a customized rate plan for MedScope: a monthly rate plan with a pre-paid voice bundle and a pay-per-use SMS plan at a rate that was 40% less than the rate with the previous carrier. The package also included dedicated customer care to handle activations and service issues as well as the option for an activation portal, a branded site that would allow MedScope to self-activate SIMs in real-time.

Within the first several weeks of the launch of the cellular product, MedScope and WorldCell knew that their partnership would be successful. The total number of sales of the cellular unit in the first month exceeded projections by 50%.

By enabling their devices with WorldCell’s service, MedScope ensures that their end-users have reliable connectivity and a competitively priced plan, the two key elements to providing a service that gives so many American families peace of mind. WorldCell’s M2M services have allowed MedScope to offer a convenient option for the mobile-minded American and accommodate the evolving needs of its customers.

WorldCell Fast Facts

Founded in 1996 as International Mobile Communication

Licensed GSM 1800 mobile network operator

Headquarters just outside of Washington, DC in Rockville, Maryland

Additional offices and local MVNO, Alterna, based in Reykjavik, Iceland

TravelComm, WorldCell’s retail division, provides international mobile phone rentals to individual travelers and companies

Leading provider of mobile services to the United States Federal Government

Contact Us:

One Research Court, Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20850


About WorldCell

WorldCell is a US-based provider of mobile communication service and solutions. We provide international and domestic mobile service, as well as devices, products, billing and management solutions. Our platform supports traditional mobile services as well as Machine to Machine communication. We offer customized management tools and services for commercial enterprises, government agencies, and individuals.

WorldCell enables companies and consumers by allowing them to

• Manage and monitor usage across multiple carriers

• Track and control mobile costs

• Power products and services utilizing our partnerships with GSM and CDMA providers

About MedScope

Since 1999, MedScope America Corporation has provided medical alarm monitoring to thousands of people throughout North America. Their staff of specially trained operators stands waiting to assist you with your emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply press the emergency button, and within seconds our operators will establish two-way voice communication, assess your emergency, and dispatch the appropriate help. Uncompromising excellence has allowed our company to become the nation’s leading and most trusted name in emergency medical monitoring. To learn more about MedScope, visit, email, or call 1-800-645-2060, option 2.

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